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Quickly search, compare, and analyze genomic and metagenomic data sets.


The sourmash module produces summary statistics from the sourmash tool. The module can summarise data from the following sourmash output files (descriptions from command line help output):

  • sourmash compare
    • create a similarity matrix comparing many samples.
  • sourmash gather
    • search a metagenome signature against databases.

Additional information on sourmash and its outputs is available on the sourmash documentation website.

sourmash gather is modelled after the Kraken module, and builds a bar graph that shows the coverage of top-5 genomes covered most by all samples. The number of top genomes can be customized in the config file:

    top_n: 5

File search patterns

  fn: "*.labels.txt"
  contents: intersect_bp,f_orig_query,f_match,f_unique_to_query,f_unique_weighted,
  num_lines: 1