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Seqera Platform CLI

Supported Tool

Reports statistics generated by the Seqera Platform CLI.


Parses a tar-gz dump containing logs and stats from a Seqera Platform run, that is, the runs_SmUkr43Nul49G.tar.gz file generated by the following command:

tw runs dump -id=SmUkr43Nul49G --workspace=seqeralabs/benchmarks --output=runs_SmUkr43Nul49G.tar.gz

Expects the dump to contain a workflow.json file, along with workflow-load.json.

Can also parse an uncompressed version of the dump, that is, a workflow.json file and a workflow-load.json sitting together in a directory.

To allow reading the tar-gz archives, run with ignore_images: false in the config, e.g.:

multiqc . --cl-config 'ignore_images: false'

File search patterns

  fn: runs_*.tar.gz
  fn: workflow.json