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Sentieon-dnaseq produces many outputs. This module deals with 3 Picard equivalents which do not transfer well to MultiQC. The code for each script is split into its own file and adds a section to the module output if logs are found.


The Sentieon module parses output from the Sentieon dna-seq suite of tools, which themselves are implementations of certain Picard metrics Picard, a set of Java command line tools for manipulating high-throughput sequencing data.

Supported commands:

  • InsertSizeMetrics
  • GcBiasMetrics
  • AlignmentSummaryMetrics

File search patterns

  contents: --algo AlignmentStat
  shared: true
  contents: --algo InsertSizeMetricAlgo
  shared: true
  contents: --algo GCBias
  shared: true