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Prokka is a software tool for the rapid annotation of prokaryotic genomes.


The Prokka module analyses summary results from the Prokka annotation pipeline for prokaryotic genomes. The Prokka module accepts two configuration options:

  • prokka_table: default False. Show a table in the report.
  • prokka_barplot: default True. Show a barplot in the report.
  • prokka_fn_snames: default False. Use filenames for sample names (see below).

Sample names are generated using the first line in the prokka reports:

organism: Helicobacter pylori Sample1

The module assumes that the first two words are the organism name and the third is the sample name. So the above will give a sample name of Sample1.

If you prefer, you can set config.prokka_fn_snames to True and MultiQC will instead use the log filename as the sample name.

File search patterns

  contents: "contigs:"
  num_lines: 2