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miRTrace, developed by the team of Marc Friedländer (KTH, Sweden), is a quality control software for small RNA sequencing data.


The miRTrace module parses results generated by miRTrace, a quality control software for small RNA sequencing data.

miRTrace performs adapter trimming and discards the reads that fail to pass the QC filters. miRTrace specifically addresses sequencing quality, read length, sequencing depth and miRNA complexity and also identifies the presence of both miRNAs and undesirable sequences derived from tRNAs, rRNAs, or Illumina artifact sequences.

miRTrace also profiles clade-specific miRNAs based on a comprehensive catalog of clade-specific miRNA families identified previously. With this information, miRTrace can detect exogenous miRNAs, which could be contamination derived, e.g. index mis-assignment on sample demultiplexing, or biologically derived, e.g. parasitic RNAs.

File search patterns

  fn: mirtrace-results.json
  fn: mirtrace-stats-length.tsv
  fn: mirtrace-stats-contamination_basic.tsv
  fn: mirtrace-stats-mirna-complexity.tsv