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The Illumina InterOp libraries are a set of common routines used for reading and writing InterOp metric files. These metric files are binary files produced during a run providing detailed statistics about a run. In a few cases, the metric files are produced after a run during secondary analysis (index metrics) or for faster display of a subset of the original data (collapsed quality scores).


This module parses the output from the InterOp Summary executable and creates a table view. The aim is to replicate the Run & Lane Metrics table from the Illumina Basespace interface. The executable used can easily be installed from the BioConda channel using conda install -c bioconda illumina-interop.

The MultiQC interop module can parse the outputs of the interop_summary and interop_index-summary executables. Note that these must be run with the --csv=1 option.

File search patterns

  contents: Level,Yield,Projected Yield,Aligned,Error Rate,Intensity C1,%>=Q30
  contents: Total Reads,PF Reads,% Read Identified (PF),CV,Min,Max